Wilderness Preservation

Wild Bison being rounded up north of Yellowstone for slaughter by the state of Montana

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense.  It only needs more defenders."  - Edward Abbey

I strongly believe in the need to proactively preserve our remaining wilderness. We’ve already lost so much. Consider that nearly 100,000 grizzly bears used to roam the lower 48 states (there are now about 1,000), almost 50 million (yes, million) bison roamed the Great Plains (only a few, small free-ranging herds remain), and hundreds of millions of wild salmon migrated up the Columbia River and it’s tributaries.....all the way into Idaho where they were a major food source for grizzly bears and people. 

Preservation takes action and involvement. Without your voice, short-term economic interests generally win out over wilderness. There are examples of successes where government and citizens worked together to preserve wilderness. The recovery of the bald eagle in the lower 48 through pesticide restrictions, increasing whale populations achieved by international protections, and the Wilderness and National Park systems in the lower 48 are a few striking examples.


I think a lot of us are lead to believe that all is well in our natural places.  We hear terms like 'clean coal,' 'predator control' and 'reforestation.'  The truth is we still treat many of our wilderness resources brutally.  'Wildlife Services,' a division of the Department of  Agriculture, has killed over 800,000 coyotes over the past 10 years along with nearly 4,000 gray wolves and mountain lions.  Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?


The amazing redwood trees of California and the Pacific Northwest are awe inspiring.  Since 1850, we've logged 95% of these trees.  A paltry 5% of these amazing old growth giants remain and some are still under pressure.  We still over-harvest our resources.  Do you ask if the wood you purchase is FSC certified?  Please do - it makes a difference.

Unfortunately, the work isn’t ever complete. Your visit to this website shows your appreciation for nature. Writing letters to government officials, donating money to conservation organizations, and giving your time to work on a local trail project or wildlife refuge are all ways you can help.  Please consider giving some of your time and money to provide a voice to the remaining wilderness and its creatures.

I donate a percentage of my annual profits to organizations I believe are effectively and intelligently working to preserve wilderness. This is the least I can do to help ensure the scenes represented in the photographs live on.

Many challenges lay ahead. Predictions of rapid climate change would likely decimate polar bear populations; bison continue to be slaughtered by the state of Montana as they wander outside of the safety of Yellowstone park; rampant building of new roads in virgin forests upset the wilderness balance in multiple ways, etc.  Will we have the foresight and will to protect the remaining pristine wilderness areas?

Please don’t take our wilderness treasures for granted and help ensure we leave a legacy of balanced, sensible use of our natural resources and remaining wilderness areas.

Thanks for your help....
Tony Newlin

An old growth forest clear cut.  Not only unsightly, but highly destructive to ecosystem health.

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